MACLEA Reminds Campus Law Enforcement Agencies of the Oct. 10th Award Nomination Deadline

The Executive Board of the Massachusetts Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (MACLEA) would like to remind the membership that its award nominations are due Monday, Oct. 10th.

Nine award categories recognizing a range of actions and initiatives are available. All nominations should be submitted through MACLEA’s website at

Administrative Initiative to Combat Crime, Improve Efficiency or Significantly Improve Public Safety by the Development of Innovative Program
The award recognizes the development and implementation of new programs, the utilization of investigative techniques to combat crime and improve investigations, or a strong commitment to campus policing.

Heroic Action
The award recognizes someone who acts to help another with no thought to their own personal safety, someone who voluntarily leaves a point of safety to assume life risk to save or attempt to save the life of another, or someone who comes to the aid of another and provides lifesaving skills.

Life Saving Award
The award recognizes an officer(s) who while on duty or off duty went above and beyond their law enforcement responsibilities in rendering care to a citizen or a member of their agency in need of medical attention; or recognizes officers who have been able to demonstrate that their CPR/First Responder training was beneficial in saving a life.

Outstanding Personal Contribution to Campus Public Safety By an Individual
The award recognizes willingness to take on additional duties in addition to their current role, the development of innovative crime prevention techniques in an effort to provide a safe environment for the campus community, or the development of a proactive approach to address current issues affecting students.

Sean Collier Award for Innovations in Community Oriented Policing
The award recognizes a strong commitment to the community, the development of community policing programs, and community relationship building and the development of strong partnerships. 

James Oliveri Award
The award recognizes a MACLEA member with an outstanding contribution to the goals and philosophies of the Association. The number of  years of service to the Association will also be taken into account. 

D. Joseph Griffin Award for Administrative Excellence
The award recognizes strong leadership skills demonstrated by successful transition to higher rank and authority and a strong devotion to campus law enforcement and the community they serve. The nominee must be the rank of captain or above. 

Ralph Avery Leadership Development Award
The award recognizes a campus law enforcement and public safety leader who identifies emerging leaders and embraces the ideals of leadership development and mentorship in the furtherance of the profession.

The nominee should share their valuable time and knowledge and is accessible to mentees; takes an active role in promoting the value of the mentee, both on campus, and in the wider community and profession; and demonstrates a commitment to integrating mentees into the ever-growing network of campus law enforcement and public safety professionals through training, education, and participation in professional organizations.

Exemplary Service Award
The award will be presented to an individual or individuals who demonstrate exemplary service to their department, institution or their local campus community. Nominees’ performance should reflect a high level of professional commitment to the values, standards, programs or services provided by the department.

The nominee should demonstrate significant involvement in an emergency or tactical response, significant involvement with a community-based volunteer or charitable  organization, and/or having performed a service or act above and beyond the call of duty.

“The MACLEA Executive Board looks forward to honoring and recognizing the outstanding contributions and actions of campus police officers, administrators and support staff each year, and we encourage anyone to nominate individuals they feel have made important contributions to their campus community,” said Lt. Laurene Spiess, MACLEA president.